Work Experience


DC-Creatives is a consulting firm specializing in IoT product development. Our diverse and capable team can work with software, hardware, and product manufacturing requirements to bring any concept to life.

Currently developing technology for a diverse set of clients, we recenly launched an internally-developed product - The Eta Clock - on Kickstarter. Our successful campaign was fully funded in less than 2 weeks.

Advisor and Mentor

Technical advisor and engineering mentor at Poncho in New York City. I am a work with the engineers on the Poncho development team providing insight and expertise in technical areas such as System and Software Architecture, Machine Learning and AI, The AWS Ecosystem, and System Security. I also provide one-on-one mentoring for all junior engineers on staff.

Independent Contractor

Independent contractor for The Hackerati in New York City. Hackerati is a team of multidisciplinary technology consultants that foster the growth of meaningful technology. Our integrated approach impacts the full value stream, from product strategy and design, to engineering and operations. My expertise within the Hackerati team is software and system architecture design, machine learning, and project management.

CEO and Founder

CEO and Founder of MarryMapp in New York City. MarryMapp was a wedding FinTech startup that provided couples a personalized, data-driven tool to help them manage their wedding budget and spending. At it's largest, MarryMapp was a team of 6, with a number of well-respected finance experts on the Board of Advisors. The valuable technology built at MarryMapp is currently being used by another FinTech company in New York City.

While part of an incubator program, we received an acquihire offer from the largest wedding company in the United States. The acquisition offer was turned down due to culture and creative differences.

Lead Engineer

Lead Engineer of the SRE Team at Sailtru in New York City. I built and managed a team of 5 senior engineers, reporting directly to Sailthru's CTO. I was responsible for the stability and reliability of the application infrastructure, leading the company to record performance metrics.

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer at Sailtru in New York City. I was part of the API team and was responsible for assisting in software design, implementation and testing. I worked in an agile, TDD environment.

Systems and Software Engineer

Systems and Software engineer at Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems in New York. I was responsible for system architecture design, algorithm development, software implementation and project management tasks. I interfaced regularly with our Navy customer and senior leadership.

Innovation Challenge Lead

2011 winner of the Northrop Grumman Innovation Challenge competition. I received seed funding for my proposal to investigate and ultimately prove the benefits of using tunable metamaterials in radar housing material. As the project lead, I was responsible for budget and resource allocation, managing a team of four engineers, modeling and simulation execution, and preparing all final documents and presentations.